Bunny Peep Pillow

accent pillows - Felt patterns

With the Easter holiday quickly approaching, this bunny throw pillow is cute.


Sewing Supplies:

  • Felt; 24″ x 22″
  • Embroidery floss in contrasting or matching color
  • Embroidery needle
  • Two 15mm solid black shank (safety) eyes
  • One 12mm solid black shank eye
  • Stuffing; polyester fiberfill


  1. Trace a bunny peep pattern on newspaper and cut out. Pin the design to the felt, trace and cut out.
  2. On one of the bunnies make a dot with a pen or pencil to mark where you want the two eyes and the nose to be. Make a small snip where each of these dots are. Put the shank from the 12mm eye through the hole you made for the nose and secure it with the plastic washer that comes with the eye. Repeat this process to install the eyes using the 15mm eyes.
  3. Pin the bunnies together with wrong sides together (the eyes facing out). Using the embroidery floss as it comes, stitch the two layers together using the blanket stitch. Leave an opening at the bottom to stuff your bunny.
  4. Using the fiberfill, stuff your bunny to desired firmness (do not over stuff). Stitch the opening closed with the blanket stitch.

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