Fun Valentine’s Day Pillow


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we are all trying to find the perfect gift for our loved one. Now we could always go to the store and buy something, or, we could make something.

I like to find seasonal fabrics at my local craft store. From my last post we learned how to make 24in throw pillows. We are going to use the same technique for theses pillows.

Here’s your shopping list:

2 26in pieces of fabric

1 24in foam insert/polyester filling

Matching thread

Quilting Pins



1) Cut your fabric into 2 matching 26in pieces.

2) Invert your fabric(you want the piece to be inside out).

3) Space your pins about 1in apart, 1/2infrom the border(remember to leave 1 side open).

4) Begin sewing(you can do this by hand or by machine), removing pins as you go.

5) After you finish 3 sides, invert the piece again and insert the foam piece or polester filling

6) Tuck the corner in and sew the open end

I hope gives you a different gift idea. I made these throw pillows in the past for my family and friends, and they have always been a hit.


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