How to make a throw pillow.


Throw pillows are one of the simplest items to make, yet so many of us go to the store to buy these. My mother taught me when I was young how to make these. Throw pillows are not only great to add contrast to your home, they also make great gifts.


I know when i was starting out I wasn’t quite sure always what I would need. Assuming you have a sewing machine, the various other items you will need are below.




I found a very simple design on If cicking on the link seems a little exhausting to you, the step by step directions are below.


Easy Step byStep Directions:


1. Choose a pillow size. My pillow insert is 14″ x 14″.
2. Cut the fabric for the pillow cover. You’ll need three pieces to make the cover – one front piece and two back pieces. The front piece will need to be 2″ larger than your pillow – for my 14″ pillow I cut a front piece that is 16″ x 16″. The two back pieces will need to be as wide as the front piece and long enough so that they will overlap. In my case, the back pieces are 16″w and 13″long.
3. For the two back pieces, fold the fabric approximately ½” along the long side of the fabric, then fold it over again and pin it. Next, sew this hem.
4. Pin the two back pieces, inside out, to the front piece. Make sure the sewn seam of the two back pieces overlap in the middle of the pillow.
5. Sew around the outer seam with a ½” seam allowance.
6. Turn the pillow sham right side out then stuff with the pillow insert.
7. Throw your new pillow on your sofa, lay down your weary head, and give the pillows a test nap.

*Rookie Mistake* LEAVE ONE CORNER OPEN…IT MAKES IT EASIER TO FILL. Let’s just say, I learned this the hard way.


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